A treasured day off spent in Cartmel in the Lake District enjoying the sunset en route to an open fire and glass of mulled wine.... simple pleasures. 
I took the opportunity to wear my new bronze mirror lense glasses from zara- I am in love.
(wearing- Topshop fur, H&m bow coat, AA disco pants, copper mirrored lenses- Zara)


at sunset.

Full outfit on the way tomorrow.
Enjoy your weekend!


in uniform.

My favourite dress. Reminding me of a grown up school uniform in the best posible way, especially when paired with brogues and satchel like Mulberry Edie. I love the way the top detaches and becomes a 3 in 1 dress- or if the lace top is worn backwards and unbuttoned like a jacket- 4 in 1?.. Currently crushing on multi functional clothes..
(dress- The Kooples )


sneak peak new favourite.

One of my favourite items this autumn... full post on its way tomorrow.


it all points to silver.

There was something so idyllic about the deserted beach, glistening sea and rippled sand combined with the rusty structure of the old pier. Spending almost 24/7 city living makes me crave and appreciate these moments even more if thats even possible.
(Wearing- h&m jumper, The Kooples jeans, AA shirt, Asos metal collar tips, Kate Moss x Rimmel Lipstick)


Trick or Treat.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen 
If I was going out tonight I would have been searching to recreate something reminiscent of a victorian schoolgirl, Inspired by the last photograph of the beautiful Chloe dress... it will have to wait until next year. 
(Editorial and article- Sunday Times Style, 23rd October)



I have this photograph saved to my desktop- 
discovered one day while scouring interior blogs. For about 4 years I have searched for the perfect globe but never had any success... maybe Im just too picky, or not looked in the right place or more recently worried they are almost too predictable, and I should steer clear? No escaping the fact that this collection is divine.


last nights dinner.

Dinner at Australasia in Manchester last night- never fails to impress with the beautiful decor, attention to detail, presentation and divine flavours.
I love the magic of the miniature glass teapot filled with mango sauce ready to drizzle into the souffle!
Has anybody else visited? I cant seem to get enough.


snap x fashion week.

Looking through street fashion photography on street fsn, style.com- Tommy Ton, Facehunter, and Nobody Knows Marc... You can imagine my suprise to find a bag bought as a gift from Thailand snapped on someone at New York fashion week?! Amazed.
Pink and pattern isn't usually my thing but somehow bright sunlight makes every colour look sensational ( Photos taken recently on holiday in Lanzarote) 


a macaroon amaze.

A treasured day off = my new Asos 'Amaze' shoes arrived... 
way ahead of schedule and I am amazed. 

Vaguely reminiscent of the Alexander Wang Constance boots mixed up with Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel vision in 2010 with the whole perspex and iceberg ensemble, that will remain forever embedded in my memory. 

Now for my first attempt at making the French fancy- macaroons. I now have Lorraine Pascale's recipe, along with a specialist book and crossed fingers.
 If they are successful I promise photos to follow.


make a statement.

I adore the statement pieces in this collection of photos I cant help but save to my desktop. 

On a similar note...I saw this incredible statement collar featured in a magazine and straight away thought it was Mawi.... only to discover it now online at Topshop.com- £40.00. I just hope its as good in the flesh!
(street fsn, style.com, tommy ton)


green on repeat.

I seem to be stuck on repeat with these green jeans....they have turned into a 'go to' wardrobe item for me  .. I am craving some time off from work to immerse myself in all the fashion shows and fashion weeks blogs and photographs, magazines and books I dont have enough hours in the day for right now.
Does anyone else feel this way?


i love anna.

Anna Anna Anna she is so incredible....
 if I could be 1% as amazing as she is in my lifetime I will be very happy! 
( thankyou so much for the photos- which can be found on street fsn and Tommy Ton for style.com)


treasure hunting.

A few snaps of my favourite finds during a visit to an incredible antiques mill- I came away with a simple framed illustration of fish ( I will show you soon ) but am trying to resist a revisit for an unbelievable sofa.
I have a slight obsession with semi- precious stones.... dating back to my childhood when I used to collect rocks and gems!