what makes me tick May.

Some of my favourite things this month..
Kate Moss..  she's a fav every month.
Abbey Lee and this beautiful innocent shot.
Those Balenciaga heels- ouch - so hot.
Do what makes you happy- a must.
Olaf Hajeks work- incredible & enchanting.
Lace when its made well.
The beckerman family- Love these guys- always bring a smile to my face.



Enjoying a rare spot of sunshine on my balcony! 
Cant wait to finish work at 6pm- Im off to the races tomorrow! Katie.x


black, all white, circles and stripes.

 Currently craving stripes in tailoring... and around my home, white on white, new ways to wear my hair and a bicycle with a basket... Katie.x

(sources- various FGR, studded hearts, jak & Jil, decorista, Columbine)



Didn't realise this ensemble was quite so err.... patriotic until I laid it out this morning to capture my outfit from last night!
What do you think of my new pointed silver shoes- very much love them / hate them?
Kisses Katie.xx
( clutch and trousers- Zara, shirt H&M trend, shoes- Manas)



Recently purchased acne jumper.. that works just as well when reversed and thrown on as a cardi.. coat/ all round wardrobe essential. I couldn't resist it's knockout shade of orangey red. Sure you will be seeing lots of it in the coming months. 
Today it's my brothers birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!xx
(wearing: acne jumper, alexander wang bag, asos boots, zara leggings, barry m red nail colour)


red hot preview.

Sneaky peak of todays outfit and my latest favourite purchase from a sexy Swedish label..... Hope you are enjoying the weekend? Outfit coming up tomorrow. Katie.x


favourite x2.

want to wear these everyday.


french fancies.

The Kooples...
 I seem to crave most pieces from their current collections.

 I must confess to finding myself perusing magazines, and the internet in spare moments chancing a new piece or another peek of the treasures that fill their look-books and websites.  
Beautiful fabrics, subtle details, off beat colours and exquisite details a plenty. 
The only real decision is snap it up quick before it sells out... or take a chance on a sale? .....
or plan a spontaneous trip to Paris?
... answers on a postcard..



Second time around for this outfit - forgot to snap any shots during the royal wedding celebrations...Im guessing this beautiful setting was worth the wait. 

The dancing on benches.... pimms a plenty..and packed streets was a whole different story.

Did you watch the wedding or do anything fun? 


day diary.

snapshots from a very tranquil day out.. beautiful blue sky, and nature at its best.


little treasure.

Take a peek inside my favourite shell necklace and you'll find........ 
..........this beautiful miniature silver key.
Full outfit on it's way soon.


red, blue & white.

red white and blue...and a touch of poetic licence. Love the fur.. the stripes.. the pale blue and pale pink combined , the beautiful shot of Kate Moss.. the oversized round glasses always seen on the Olsens... and the amazing unicorn printed skirt straight from RAFW.

(inspiration- thanks to vogue.com, studded hearts, Fgr, Tommy ton, little plastic horses)


navy haze.

still love the love it/ hate it mix of navy and black... think I may have to add a navy blue and black blazer to my wardrobe. 
On another note.. having internet troubles- I am unable to comment on any blogs that require the security check? 
Hope you had a great weekend? Would love to hear!

( wearing- tee- Zara studio, The Kooples leopard bag, river island beaten up boots)