treasure hunting.

A few snaps of my favourite finds during a visit to an incredible antiques mill- I came away with a simple framed illustration of fish ( I will show you soon ) but am trying to resist a revisit for an unbelievable sofa.
I have a slight obsession with semi- precious stones.... dating back to my childhood when I used to collect rocks and gems!


  1. Love all these sparkling semi-precious stones, did you buy someone of them????Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

  2. We r totally obsessed with semi precious stones too! Chlo just got these semi precious rings we r loving called Peppina..think you will love them..they are on the bloggy today! Love all of these pics!!! Looks like an amazzzzing vintage place! WE LOVE fish too!! We have 2 gold fish at home and they are SOOOO BIG and pretty there names are POSH (like the Spice Girl) and Darla (remember her from MTV?!!haha)
    Big hug! kisses
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



Thankyou x a million you are all awesome.x