When I woke up yesterday morning I had visions of Moschino adverts - black outfits, gold accessories and big hair firmly engraved in my mind. I always dream, and usually it's fashion, creations, locations, outfits and tons more complete nonsense. The outfit dreams usually happen on waking- I sleep with a book by my bed and often end up writing down concoctions... does anyone else do this?

The Moschino belt found it's way to me sometime early last year- I gave up searching belts as bids went crazy, and searched for genuine Moschino bags. I stumbled upon a wardrobe sort out of old designer clothes and a rather miserable, extremely worn- white (now turning grey) Moschino bag. After emailing the seller for measurements, and extra photos I discovered the letters would fit perfectly on a belt- the M and O have screws to fix them in place, while the other letters float around. The bag arrived- I hacked off the strap holding the letters- unscrewed and added to a vintage belt- et voila! £17.00 for genuine vintage Moschino
I always feel a bit 1980's wearing it.. not my favourite era but after my dream it felt right!

(huge sleeve top- Zara, skirt- Henry Holland, shoes- H&M, hairband- Topshop, belt-nans, Moschino letters- ebay)


The Divine Excess.

( In order- Jak & Jil,Mk- olsens anonymous,editorial found on chicmuse, Givenchy Fall couture 2010,Givenchy backstage makeup- style.com, Alexander McQueen RTW 2010 style.com, ceiling in Louvre Paris- own photography, Balmain rtw a/w 10- own collage, Anna Dello Russo- Jak & Jil,)

This Winter I am getting ready to indulge in the 'Divine Excess'- all things decadent- brocade, gold, beading, shimmer, lace, sheer, velvet, fur, jewel tones and probably way too much of everything. I must confess Autumn & Winter are my favourite seasons in fashion, and I can always guarantee with the Uk weather everything gets SO much wear. Unfortunately I missed last Winter while critically ill, and have spent this year fighting my way better. Indulging certainly seems the perfect focus and reward, and will allow lots of fun and creativity in dressing.    
There will be days when an understated, simple look feels just right- look out for a classic post on it's way! 


It's all in the detail.

Ironic huh? With A.Wang it really is the subtle details that make his collections work. The consistent utilitarian edge allows the simple effects to really speak out. For Summer I loved the hair braids, leather shorts, knee socks and understated tones, while I am excited for the sumptous velvets that await this a/w. What are your Wang highlights? Katie.x



(sources- Elle june- scanned, FGR)

The single word that comes to mind, which seems to portray the emotion, and styling in the above editorials is 'INTENSE'. Strikingly bold makeup, clashing colours, contrasting textures, patterns and prints fighting against each other. The result = the most distinctive unforgettable creations. Images literally screaming for attention.
A much required reminder that we are still in Summer, and I must stop cooing over the autumn and Winter collections, and embrace the current season!(willpower required)


stripes. studs. silver skulls.

A morning in work saw me adding some ace rings to my own collection for snaps. What do you think? (still on my way to full time/ full health!)
I spent the afternoon in an easy outfit, having a much needed sleep, and pulling on my new Kate Moss  x Topshop laced front skinnies...  snapped up for £35.00 on sale! For me- miles better than regular Topshop denim for fit...( super skinny and with a surely unintentional 38" inside leg- yippeee... I turned them up in honour of Kate and how she often wears her jeans!) 
Absolutely in love with the luscious fur addition to my Wang bag... I hope it will be fun for now and even better for A/W.

(jeans- Kate Moss Topshop, bag A.wang diego, striped tube dress- Zara, crochet- Topshop)

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5 inch heels in a field full of fireworks.

Last night spent at a special birthday party- over 500 guests, a field in the remote countryside, a good d.j, and catching up with friends. (resembling a small scale private festival) The evening was topped off with an absolutely spectacular firework display.(with accompanying music- a la Top Gun, take my breath away- Berlin to name a few!) We all stood open mouthed as the sky was lit up in all shades of the rainbow, showering down like enormous sparkling chandeliers. Fortunately the rain stayed away, and prevented a stampede of people clambering for cover. Tackling a jumpsuit in a porta-loo- probably not the smartest idea! 
( The pictures aren't so great but I was having too much fun-Lucky I took a few quick snaps before leaving.)
The necklace is new from Asos- check it here.