make a statement.

I adore the statement pieces in this collection of photos I cant help but save to my desktop. 

On a similar note...I saw this incredible statement collar featured in a magazine and straight away thought it was Mawi.... only to discover it now online at Topshop.com- £40.00. I just hope its as good in the flesh!
(street fsn, style.com, tommy ton)


  1. Fab pics hun and oh my gee love that Topshop necklace it so looks designer xx

    Have a lovely Sunday chick xoxo

  2. yes its all about making a statement

  3. hey it was lovely to hear from you I know what you mean about money being tight but the boots are lovely and they where on my want list so I was super stoked when I got them. Kooples has come into where I work too it is so hard not to buy everything on that department I applied for the Managers job but sadly did not get it. Hope you are well xoxo

  4. Great post, cool details! Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you!!

    Cosa mi metto???

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