sunshine & leopard be mine.

Completely obsessing over my new h&m silver jumper, Zara blue trousers and 
incredible leo & leather Kooples bucket bag.
I know already it will give my beloved A.Wang 
tough competition as the perfect alternative.
 How could I resist the leather crosses and eyelets, the beautiful leopard print
 hair inserts and the subtly awesome skull details.


a day in Barcelona.

Starting the day in Condal amazing service, a fruit kebab, fresh orange and poleo menta 
(mint tea) packed with locals, you may wait for a table, and an incredible buzzing atmosphere.
 Walking along the Passeig de Gracia enjoying the bright blue sky and beautiful street lamps & architecture.
Venturing past one of it's many Zara stores and never missing a trip inside.
Stopping for a drink in Boulevard Rosa and falling for the fishop chandelier, and it's special delicatessen.
Never failing to be blown away with the beauty of Casa Batillo.
Heading down to the placa de l'angels to grab a feta salad for lunch in el cafeto, or a drink and sweet treat in the gothic quarters caelum.
Back on to the Placa de l'angels where H&M's lights always amaze me. Inside is beautiful too- worlds apart from the Uk stores.
A special treat- Dino's Gelato is delicious. I sampled pistachio this trip.
Enjoying the interior shop Casa viva and buying beautiful glasses and plates before working out how to fly them home.
Back to the hotel to relax...
admiring new purchases- Harpers Bazaar spain, and some leo pony hair Zara shoes.
Watching the Placa de Catalunya fountains at night.
On the way to La Dolce Hermina- incredible food and always a queue, very popular with locals and a great atmosphere.



have a fun weekend :-)
new post tomorrow.



sepia knit.


Life is hectic...lots of changes, adventure, plans and excitement...
and to add to the mix- my boyfriend has broken his leg.. well wishes and miracle cures = much appreciated.
(wearing- cos trousers, zara suede clutch, boots & vest, h&m knit, sfera cuff, asos cross ring)


tribal discoveries.

Completely mesmerised by the silver tribal pieces tucked away in an unassuming shop window in Barcelona's gothic quarter. 




Round glasses, white, emerald green & hot pink.
This may sound stupid but wearing colour seems to give me the feel good factor.

( wearing - coat Zara, shoes & trousers Zara in stores now, tee & glasses - asos)
location- stairway to the hotels rooftop pool which was locked until later that day! ahhhh)


pink preview.

While away I picked up a pink pair of trousers in Zara and popped them right on!
Instant feel good effect.
see the full post tomorrow.

( wearing = asos & Zara)


fashion week favourites.

Some of my favourite street shots and styles over the fashionweeks so far.
Love all the colour- green, blue, Taylors red hair, orange, red, pink- BEAUTIFUL.
( sources- le fashion, carolines mode, columbine, vogue.com, style.com, 5 inch and up, tumblr, fashion squad)