wonders in the woods. Topshop Unique.

Topshop Unique's a/w 10 collection succeeded in an almighty way with a flurry of furry clad models. Some animal meets human metamorphosis had most certainly taken place. In this case Wonders definately emerged from the woods. I have the urge to to be a part of the collection- looks fun. Also hoping a particular navy/black duffel/lambskin coat will be available this Autumn. ( 4 th from the left-crosses fingers )loved the shearling and satchel bags, cable knit thigh high socks, wolf print and leather harness over blazer detailing.
Emma Cook's headwear reminded me of Liberty's window display years ago, where models were merged with ravens, rams, and deer executed with exotic headresses and hairpieces.( so wish i had the photos! )Collage by me.

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