Alexander Wang. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

After drooling over, dreaming about and counting my pennies...(this took a long while), i decided the Alexander Wang Diego bag would be very happy in a new home..with me. The only problem... i had set my heart on the black and navy suede version (even more awesome than the other colour options!) - only to find it was SOLD OUT everywhere.
 I began trawling internet sites here in the UK, and also in the US, sending various emails, and meanwhile keeping my fingers crossed. I was delighted to locate what must be one of the last around. 
A knock at the door this morning ... Alexander had arrived. Wow. I am so thrilled. Worth every saved penny.( i have been extremely ill hence the reason for starting the blog, and now im getting much better, a perfect reward!) 
It is absolutely incredible. I love the navy and black combination, and the perfect balance of beautiful leathers and chunky studs. I also love how it works with pretty much my entire wardrobe...


  1. Wow you deserve this for many reason and I did not realise you had been unwell glad to hear you are much better. I cant wait to see you styling this little beauty you are very lucky xoxo

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  3. OMG you are a lucky girl ! Hope you feel better soon & can't wait to see how you style it :) Mon Mode Blog

  4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

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  5. Oh my god girl. You got it! It's goooooorgeous! Please post a total view picture of the darling, it's such a gorgeous thing!

  6. We love your new bag!


  7. Congrats! Lovely bag. :)


  8. Amazing bag...xoxo Eli



Thankyou x a million you are all awesome.x