Knuckleduster supreme- Gisele Ganne

An invite to a small exhibition in a gallery nearby landed through the letterbox. Drawn to an Exhibition entitled 'Black and gold' and a single incredible image of an extreme knuckleduster. It was absolutely worth the trip just to gaze into one small perspex box filled with treasures. 'Morning and Divorce jewelry by Gisele Ganne'. The iphone provided a more discreet way of capturing the enchanted pieces- however the perspex shoddy iphone ability and shadows proved a little impossible! apologies. ( i hope the beauty shines through)

Harpers Bazaar arrived in yesterdays mail- such a suprise to see a Gisele Ganne knuckleduster masterpiece staring me in the face- featured for sale at Wolf & Badger, Ledbury road London. ( far better quality image)


  1. Posh ring... love your black floppy hat in your profile pic btw :) Mon Mode Blog

  2. I have left an award for you on my blog xoxo

  3. :O you have just lighted a fire in my heart...that ring is IDONTHAVEAWORDFORITBECAUSEITSTOOBLOODYAWESOMEable

  4. Ah wooooow! I also love the skull rings on the first picture!



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