wowee windows.

Completely wowed by the windows in Zara, Manchester- the incredible grey poodle 
pom pom hair-do's

Selfridges paint splodges and colour blocked male and female mannequins 
were really simple, but seriously effective showcasing the colour block trend and seasonal bright shades.
Harvey Nichol's left me amazed...dazed and confused, I love the puppet on strings and general jumble with the chairs and coloured lighting, but was less enamoured with the clothing showcased.

Some of the reasons I adore shopping in a city as opposed to online:

The impact a good window can have, drawing you inside.
Absorbing the collection via merchandising, mannequins and good displays.
Checking out the fabrics, the way a garment feels and moves.
Discovering a good fitting room- ample space, seating and lighting ( rare )
Trying on a garment, styling it and buying more than you intend.
Picking up a magazine or lookbook is always a huge bonus.
Seeing your purchases being carefully folded/ wrapped and popped into a beautiful carrier.
Stopping for a drink and being unable to resist a peek at your new treasure.

Online shopping can be great for tracking down up and coming designers, one off or hard to find items. The pleasure of an item beautifully packaged from net a porter, Zara, outnet or mywardrobe really adds to the experience, but for now I am going to try to stay away from internet purchases and embrace being instore.

what are your thoughts?


  1. great pics.

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  2. Nice pics!
    Beautiful colors!

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  3. oh my...LOVE this window display!! The hair is out of control, and love all of the color!

  4. i love the hair in the first window display. they featured these hair styles in harper's bazaar (i think, or was it vogue?) a few months ago. love it!


  5. don’t you love window shopping??? It’s not the clothing it’s for the windows. I always love the windows of Saks in NYC at Christmas. They are like little art pieces. There is so much going on and they can create a certain vibe and atmosphere. Yep, marketing still pays off. thanx for sharing

  6. great post :)

    want to hear your thoughts on beso

  7. Harvey Nics always have amazing window displays! Saw the Zara one in Manc on passing, looked awesome!

  8. I saw that Zara display as well! It actually made me think it was a high-end store and then I realized it was Zara (which I love). I was quite surprised.

    Love your blog, just discovered it! I'd really appreciate it if you checked mine out and follow me if you like it!


  9. Interesting displays from Zara... at first I thought there was pigeons on the mannequin's heads ! I love online shopping too, definitely my way to go !!

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  10. I always tend to love the displays are Selfridges as well!! They are always amazing!

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  12. WOW Zara?!? That is absolutely AMAZING! I am so impressed, and super happy that Zara has bright colours in their new collection!

    I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you will visit me and follow me back!

    xx Erica


  13. They have amazing displays ! I love to shop at zara so much!

  14. thanks for all the kind comments- zaras are completely amazing- crzy the impact a good hair do can make!xx

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  17. Your mannequins are so cute! I wish I also have time to design for my boutique.


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