City exploring- Palma.

Needs no introduction.
 Up close with Mary Katrantzou- bejewelled.
 Raf Simons Aviators, awesome.
 Bimba Y Lola- loved the segmented pouch bag!
 Picture perfect 'Bomboneria'
 Kind of wishing I hadn't resisted.....
Incredible interiors shop- every home needs a wall mounted unicorn head.

Alongside Barcelona, London, Stockholm and of course Paris... Palma is one of my favourite cities to visit. After many years of visiting I feel confident and comfortable when exploring it's streets, and forever discovering the little gems this place has to offer. It was sad to see one of my 'must- visit' interior stores clearly struggling with the impact of the recession, but I was over the moon to visit the treasure of a store 'Rialto Living', that possessed as much charm as ever. ( a post dedicated to that place coming right up!)



  1. I love it, amazing pictures!


  2. Loooove it :))))


  3. bomborenia!!! awesome love your pics

  4. Palma is lovely! I was there early this summer and I want to back.

  5. Hey hun thanks for your lovely comment. I was asked to be a bridesmaid but I turned it down there was no way i was letting my sister dress me lol. I know it sounds a little strange but my sister knows me so well she knew this was not a rejection :))). I had an important roll of helping her to look as beautiful as possible we had such a laugh in the morning when she was getting ready.

    I love your pictures I am trying so hard to get better at photography I did get some nice shots as my sisters wedding but will never be like you. You have such a natural eye xoxo

  6. fabulous pugs! looks hilarious :)
    nice pics, i love seeing people's holiday photos and yours have a really cool extra-fashion touch! on those zara mannequins though, do i see two price-tags!? im dong very well in my mannequin-dressing at my training (yay!) and leaving tags on the clothes is such a no-no! maybe they rushed them, hm... x

  7. omg i want those raf simons shades!

  8. Lovely photos! xx


  9. Great photos...I love that bejeweled top!

    And boo to the recession. I've seen so many things close up or sell out in the past years. Sad.

  10. oh gosh - so many great things here. i wouldn't have any money left!

  11. Love your blog!very cute!:-)


  12. Oh god. I have been such an awful follower! I'm sorry, how could I neglect your beautiful blog??!
    I've never been to Stockholm, Palma, and only once to Paris. It seems I must get out more, because these are some treasures!

  13. I love broaches, you should had bought a few, they ad so much to an outfit to me. They say so much too. You can have a broach on and no other jewelry and look very put together and classy. oh well, maybe next time.


  14. Cool photos, it looks like a gorgeous place! I especially love the fun jewelery. Lovely blog!

    <3 Alison

  15. What beautiful pictures, Katie! I absolutely love the jewel patterns against the black background in that dress! sooo gorgeous.

    Xx Katie-Lu

  16. Sorry for stupid question, but is such an amazing place in Spain or Italy? Is it Palma de Mallorca?


Thankyou x a million you are all awesome.x