unseen summer 1.

The first set of unseen summer photos.

So many memories of days filled with woodland walks, horse racing, seaside wanders, day trips to Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, weekends away in the Lakes, city stop in Manchester, overnight stays in Leeds, dining out, discovering new places, shopping, spending as much time outdoors as possible, eating twister lollies, sitting on the beach watching men on jet skis, visiting a nearby boating lake, fun with friends, relaxing at the seafront while people fly kites overhead, art gallery trips, fireworks, and forever hoping for another sunshine filled moment.
Look out for more summer memories coming up...


  1. Stunning pictures hun you have such a great eye and always capture the atmosphere xoxo

  2. wow the detail on that bee is amazing!

  3. The pictures are fantastic! So glad you enjoyed Manchester (my hometown so I'm a little biased) keep up the great blog!

  4. Great Summer memories and beautiful pictures.

  5. love your blog girl! definitely following now.



Thankyou x a million you are all awesome.x